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Workhorse Pits Covers

Starting at $222.00

Protect your smoker with our custom-designed cover, featuring Ottertex waterproof canvas and a PVC waterproof backing for ultimate protection against the elements. Crafted in-house as an affordable solution, this cover is designed to shield your smoker for 2-5 years, depending on climate conditions. It also boasts a customized Workhorse Pits logo and velcro tie-downs for added security against windy conditions.



The Workhorse Pit offset is built with American Made steel in our Cleveland, Georgia USA facility. You can order from our flagship factory store (Wood Fire Mercantile) also located in Cleveland, Georgia USA. We have retail partners in the United States (see retail store locator), The United Kingdom, Norway and Australia. As any Workhorse Pit owner will tell you, it's "Worth the Wait!"

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