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Workhorse Pits is Handcrafted in Cleveland, GA
1957 Offset Smoker
1969 Offset Smoker
1975 Offset Smoker
1975t Road Worthy Offset Smoker


1957 Cover
1969 Cover
1975 Cover
20" Firebox Scraper
24" Firebox Scraper
Workhorse Pits custom ball valve


Wood fire cooking is the oldest cooking method there is and we celebrate this age old tradition by bringing you a line of offset smokers that produce exceptional results, due to their outstanding performance and craftsmanship. All of our offset smokers are sold through retail partners. Navigate to the retail locator to find a retailer near you, or you can check out our flagship factory store (Wood Fire Mercantile) located on our campus in Cleveland, Georgia USA.

Why Workhorse?

At Workhorse Pits, our product designs are guided by science. Workhorse began with science, we trust only science and we never make assumptions without scientific support.  We have applied the knowledge and experience gained from our sister company, Primitive Pits, a global leader in the commercial offset industry serving some of the biggest names in BBQ. Workhorse Pits has now become a wildly popular brand for the backyard with over 4,500 smokers shipped and glowing customer reviews, complementing performance, craftsmanship and most of all cost. 

How do we do this?

Our deep investment into computational fluid dynamics was to guarantee that we deliver an offset to the market that performs outstanding. We understand what needs to happen to produce exceptional BBQ results. Our offsets burn at plus or minus five degrees across the grates and this goes beyond fabrication knowledge.  This takes critical engineering, precision metallurgy and exact fitting.  At Workhorse Pits, we hand-craft each unit with an immense attention to detail and quality, and for a very competitive price point.



For customer service:
Phone- (678) 381-5958

Our Customer Care office hours:
Monday - Thursday 9am to 5pm (EST)
Friday 9am to 1pm (EST)
To schedule an appointment, please:
Proudly made in Cleveland, GA

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