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1" Ball Valve Grease Drain

Starting at $32

Elevate your Workhorse Pit's functionality with our 1" Ball Valve, designed specifically for the efficient management of your pit's grease drainage. 


  • Laser-Etched Design: Embellished with the iconic Workhorse Pits logo and our motto "Because it's great barbecue we're after!" laser etched on the rubber handle, this ball valve not only performs but also adds a touch of pride to your BBQ setup.

  • Custom Fit: Tailored to seamlessly integrate with your Workhorse Pit's grease drain, ensuring a leak-proof and reliable operation.

  • Premium Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of intense smoking sessions and prolonged exposure to the elements.

Whether you're slow-smoking brisket overnight or hosting a backyard BBQ feast, this 1" Ball Valve is an indispensable tool that lets you focus on what truly matters - crafting great barbecue.



The Workhorse Pit offset is built with American Made steel in our Cleveland, Georgia USA facility. You can order from our flagship factory store (Wood Fire Mercantile) also located in Cleveland, Georgia USA. We have retail partners in the United States (see retail store locator), The United Kingdom, Norway and Australia. As any Workhorse Pit owner will tell you, it's "Worth the Wait!"

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