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JD - Workhorse Pits Founder


Thank you for your interest in our Workhorse Pits offset smokers!  Since our launch in 2019, we have been committed to hand crafting the best performing offset smoker on the market, and we believe our reputation is a direct reflection of our deep commitment into the science of convection, craftsmanship and price point.

Over the past five years, our increased global demand has impacted the way we communicate and serve our customers.  Beginning February 20, 2024 our Workhorse Pits offsets will only be available via our retail partners, which you can find at the top of our website titled “Retail Locator”.   We have retail partners across the US and Internationally.  Among those retailers, is our flagship factory retail store the Wood Fire Mercantile, located on our campus in Cleveland, Georgia (opening April 2024). Visit for more information.

We have provided our retail partners with the tools to become “Workhorse Certified,” ensuring each store can assist you in choosing which Workhorse Pits model is right for you, and guide you on how to use and maintain your offset for years to come. Equipped with this knowledge, we are confident that these retailers will be able to serve you better and faster.

We will continue to be laser focused on hand crafting every smoker with the unparalleled performance, robust materials and skilled craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Workhorse Pits.

Our team is dedicated to their craft and we are incredibly grateful for the continued opportunity to be a part of your BBQ journey. Because it is GREAT BBQ we’re after!


JD and the Workhorse Pits Team

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