• ABOUT THE 1969

    The “1969” is our flagship offset smoker. Powerful, yet compact, this smoker can handle three briskets, accommodating your cooking needs for small backyard gatherings to competitive events. The “1969” features one of the thickest walls in the industry at nearly 3/8” (.344"), and boasts a significant amount of cooking space with two grates totalling 41” x 19.” 


    As proven successful for our sister company Primitive Pits, the 1969 is designed using computational fluid dynamics to ensure this unit burns extremely even.  The 1969 comes stock with a fold-down smoke stack, two thermometers, and a probe port for six wires to monitor your BBQ temperatures. 


    The Cowboy Grill is an economical, optional feature which allows you to use your firebox as a direct heat source - because we all know cooking steaks over wood takes your cookout to a whole new level. Additionally, if you would like to add a top pull-out rack for nearly twice the cooking space, it is available as an add-on as well.


    For exterior finishes, we have pioneered the extremley popular, RAW linseed oil coating, or you can choose black high heat paint.

    For all details regarding shipping options, visit HERE.


    Cooking Surface -----1827 Sq Inches with Top Pull-out Rack

                                      and Cowboy Grill

                                      41"x19.25" Grate space in main chamber

                                      36.5"x14.25" optional top rack

                                      24.5"x19.25" Grate space in Optional Cowboy Firebox


    Overall Length ------           76"

    Chamber Length ------        42"

    Firebox Length ------           25"

    Overall Height ------          73.5"

            56.75" (stack down)

    Weight                                  740lbs

    Thermometers -----         Two Tel-tru 300- UT, auto calibrated
        (For top rack add one additional top thermometer)


    • (2) Tel-Tru® Temperature Gauges
    • Grease Drain

    • Probe Port

    • Break-Away Stack

    • Wood Storage Rack

    • 6" Forged Steel Casters


    • Cowboy Firebox
    • Top Pull-Out Rack
    • Powder Coating
    • Workhorse Pits Grill Cover

    We offer two options for shipping your new 1969. 

    • We offer a Priority option which all the details and pricing are here
    • We now also offer an Economy option, which we have worked tirelessly on to (1) get your Workhorse Product to you safely and (2) provide up to 75% discounted rates from our traditional shipping partners.  Please visit Economy shipping details here.  Oh and you get a free Workhorse Pits hat with each purchase.


Exterior Finish
Workhorse Pits Smoker Cover
Top Pull-Out Rack
Cowboy Firebox
Caster / Wagon Package
Side Cart

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